Next-Generation Analytics

Infer gives analysts superpowers. Find insights, make predictions, and identify patterns. All within SQL.
End-to-end ML analytics platform

Reduce time to first insight to seconds with Infer and Coworker AI. Coworker suggests analysis, runs it and analyses the results. 

ML Reimagined for Analytics

Our platform redefines the interplay between Machine Learning and SQL, offering a groundbreaking approach (SQL-inf) that simplifies complex analytics tasks without compromising on precision.
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AI 1
Your Personal Analytics Assistant

Coworker AI, Automated Viz, AI Insights

With Coworker AI, experience the power of automatic visualizations and insights. Let artificial intelligence guide you to the most relevant data narratives, saving time and amplifying your analytics efficiency.

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Narrate Your Data's Tale

Story Telling, Data Stories

Move beyond mere numbers. With our storytelling feature, transform your data into compelling narratives that captivate your audience, making insights both understandable and actionable.

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Automate, Optimize, and Stay Ahead

Operationalize, Schedules

Incorporate your analytics into daily operations with ease. Set schedules, automate tasks, and ensure that your data-driven insights are always timely and relevant.

Solve any use case

Infer's easy-to-use but powerful SQL commands allow analysts to solve business problems like never before.

Effortlessly integrates with your data stack.

Seamless Integration, Infinite Possibilities. Easily link your data from a variety of sources, ensuring that all your information is in one place, up-to-date, and ready for analysis.