Next-Generation Analytics

Infer gives analysts superpowers. Find insights, make predictions, and identify patterns. All within SQL.
Running your first Infer command

Getting started with Infer takes minutes. Connect your data sources and start finding deep insights using SQL.

Effortlessly integrates with your data stack.

Infer connects to your data warehouse, dbt models, and BI tools.

Infer extends any SQL dialect to have new analytics commands. Built for analysts to unlock superpowers directly in their data warehouse, dbt models, and BI tools.

Solve any use case

Infer's easy-to-use but powerful SQL commands allow analysts to solve business problems like never before.

Our syntax in action

Infer's commands are built with analysts in mind. We handle the complex algorithms and infrastructure so that you don't have to. Unlock deeper business insights quickly and confidently.  

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Connect Infer to all your favourite analyst tools.

BigQuery, Snowflake, DBT - use Infer wherever your data is. Connections to visualisation tools (Looker, Tableau, PowerBI) coming soon!