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Perform advanced ML Analytics in dbt using SQL-inf and Infer.
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Big exciting product announcement from us at Infer 🎉 This week we released our dbt-infer integration 🚀 I am personally very chuffed about this one! I have been a big fan of dbt Labs for a while now - both product and company - and have been keen for us to bring the magic of Infer to the dbt community 🤗

With dbt-infer you can now use SQL-inf and ML Analytics natively in your dbt models! Wanna build a dbt model for churn analysis, lead scoring, user segmentations or analysing customer feedback — no problem, you can do it in minutes with dbt-infer, all done in your dbt model and all done using just SQL 🤩

And it is fast! All running on Infer’s highly optimised gpu cluster 🏎️ The setup is equally simple — no data warehouse or compute cluster setup, just 3 easy steps:

  • Sign up for a free Infer account and get your api key
  • pip install dbt-infer to install the dbt-infer package
  • Setup your dbt profile in profiles.yml and you are good to go! 🎉

Literally just a few minutes of setup!

As excited about this as we are??? 🤪 Check out the details here or dig into at our dbt-infer examples.

At the same time we are also opening up v1 of our free Community Edition of the Infer Platform - sign up here: 🥳

Learn more:

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