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Building Customer Segmentations using ML
How to build a great customer segmentation to support and inform your business and product strategy
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ML Analytics with dbt
Perform advanced ML Analytics in dbt using SQL-inf and Infer.
Data Assets versus Data Exploration
With the spread of dbt we have become accustomed to a certain style of development but sometimes this isn't the right setup.
Building a data-driven customer strategy
How to build a holistic data-driven customer journey that can support both your commercial and product strategy
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Thoughts on the new Modern Data Stack
After rapid expansion and a huge influx of VC-backed funding over the last 5 or so years, we can now easily count 100s of companies in the space split into at least two dozen different categories.
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Product Update - September 2022
Giving a taste of the first step in our journey to reimagine exploratory data analysis and research
Thoughts on Snowflake, dbt and Python
Snowflake and dbt are introducing Python support - what might it mean.
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The Infer Platform
Digging into our thinking around our free platform, where it is heading and what will become the Inference Layer of the Modern Data Stack.
What is the Point: Our Big Mission
In this post we will dig a little bit deeper into the motivation and mission of Infer - the wrong we are trying to right, as they say 🤗
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Hello World
Welcome to the first public post from Infer.